How To Dump Someone?


Every relationship you ever have is going to fail. Until one doesn’t. Which means lovers, you’ve got a lot of tough decisions ahead of you. 

It might only take a few dates or maybe several years before you realize a relationship is not meant to be.

So once you know you want to end things how do you do it? How do you dump actually someone?

“Don’t do it over text,” says Uisce. “It’s happened to me. It’s not the nicest thing. Do it in person.” It won’t be easy but it’s really the way to go. Especially if there is a chance the person you’re dumping is someone you might bump into in real life.

As Beau puts it – “Definitely not over social media or any form other than face to face. If you’re gonna do something you gotta say it to someone’s face.” Sitting down to have the convo, is gonna be awkward for sure. BUT it’ll be 100 times more awkward to bump into them 2 weeks after you updated your relationship status and ghosted outta there. Think about it.

When you do sit down, face-to-face with your ex-to-be what should you tell them? Is honesty the best policy?

Jess reckons you should be honest – “that might be controversial because the truth may hurt but people deserve to know the real reason. I know I would [want] to know the real reason if someone was breaking up with me.” This is one you should weight up – will the reason you’re ending things crush the other person, or is it something they really should know? As Jess says you have to weight “[being] honest and being empathetic at the same time.”

Whatever you decide, ultimately when ending a relationship you have to put yourself first. “Just make sure it’s the best thing for you. Think about yourself, “ says Akasha. Dumping someone is tough, so it’s important to prioritise some self care too. Feel your feelings. Drown your sads in ice-cream, Gilmore Girls marathons, bubble baths – whatever it is you need to look after yourself and feel better.

Last modified: August 28, 2018

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