How To Survive The First Day Of School

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The first day of school. It’s right up there with studying for final exams, talking to your crush and surviving a first date. Cringe worthy stuff.

Obvs, we’d all rather be chilling at the beach, hitting up the latest music fest or just re-watching Harry Potter for the zillionth time. But like our fav wizarding series proves, all good things must come to an end, and even the most epic summer cannot last forever. Accio-endless summer! 

Starting school can be a pretty scary prospect. But don’t stress, the cast of Flunk have your back and are here to share some awesome tips on how to survive your first day back.

Akasha (Stella) recommends challenging your own comfort levels – “It’s good to just open yourself up to a new experience, in a new place and good things can definitely come out of that.”

“I’ve discovered that people are so attracted to people who are genuine,” Jess (Ingrid) shared. “I remember when I used to fake who I was and I really wasn’t that interesting. I had no meaningful relationships. And then when I kind of let myself be, that’s when all my important relationships started forming. So just be yourself and trust that will be enough.”

Uisce (Harry) totally agreed with Jess – “Don’t necessarily make friends with the coolest kids. Just make friends with people that you genuinely like.” He added – “Don’t feel like you need to suck up to the cool kids.”

Beau (Ed) summed it up simply: “Be confident. Own your space and give it all you can.”

Last modified: August 28, 2018

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