Stella & Ingrid’s Outfits From Episode 21

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Ingrid and Stella are dressed up and looking fine for their evening in the city with Kendrick in Episode 21 of Flunk.

Set for a night of partying Stella’s outfit is a masterclass in layering. Stella wears a black a-line skirt with a sheer top layered over a lacy red bra. She towers over Ingrid in a pair of super high, black, platform boots which she pairs with a sheer black stockings.

Fun fact – Akasha spotted her jacket in a thrift store while shooting the opening scene of Episode 11 and popped back to buy it while on a break.

Shop: sheer top, black a-line skirt

Ingrid having raided Stella’s closest is a world away from her usual laid back style. Ingrid’s outfit plays with different textures – pairing a figure hugging, velvety red dress and cheeky fishnet stockings with flat red leather boots.

Shop: velvety red dress

Watch the girls getting ready in a behind the scenes video where they chat about their fav YouTube make up vloggers, Akasha spills where she learnt how to do those fabulous eyes and Jess muses on the differences between her and Ingrid.

Watch the full video here:



Last modified: January 27, 2019

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