Watch Flunk: After School (2022) – Feature Length Lesbian Movie

Flunk: After School is a new Australian feature film spin-off from the streaming series Flunk, exploring Heidi, Tabby and Saffron’s relationship.

After a messy breakup, Heidi swears off dating and vows to get revenge on everyone that’s crossed her. But when she finds herself stuck on detention with goodie-two-shoes Saffron, Heidi’s forced to risk getting hurt again, or cut herself off from her friends forever.

This brand new feature length movie is the sequel to Flunk: The Sleepover, and is the next chapter in the Flunk story. If you’ve been following the Heidi and Tabby saga, you won’t want to miss this…

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Subtitles/captions available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German & Italian.

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Watch the feature length movie Flunk: After School NOW

Heidi: Madelyn Sheahan
Tabby: Georgia Crisfield-Smith
Saffron: Holly Monks
Jaz: Liv Rian
Astrid: Emily Mutimer
Brayden: Caylen Forbes
Jade: Dominik Shields
Ruby: Olivia Wright

Astrid, Heidi and Jaz

Heidi and Saffron

Tabby, Saffron and Heidi

Saffron and Heidi come face to face

Heidi's on a mission... with Brayden

Astrid and Jaz "study" together - but is there trouble in paradise?

Heidi smiles at Saffron after their bike ride together

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