Flunk: Social Distancing Audiobook and Ebook

Flunk Social Distancing bookThe first book in a new series based on the hit LGBT streaming series ‘Flunk‘. Released from hospital following a suicide attempt, heartbroken sixteen-year-old Ingrid finds herself forced to self-isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic – but when she starts developing feelings for a mysterious friend, will she take another chance on love before it’s too late?

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It’s a new Flunk story, picking up right after the season 2 finale. Find out how Ingrid, Dani, Brayden and Ruby cope with the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve created this new story for our most passionate fans. It’s an indepth look at the Flunkiverse like you’ve never seen before… How does Ingrid really feel about Dani? And Stella? And someone new…. Warning – heartbreak ahead!

Flunk: Social Distancing is available as an ebook from the stores below – you can even read a free sample:



The story is also available as an audiobook! You can listen to the Flunk: Social Distancing audiobook (over 6 hours long) now on Vimeo. Narrated by Jessica Li (Ingrid). More than twice as long as season 2!

Hope you all enjoy it, and a huge thanks for supporting the show!

Flunk: Social Distancing from Flunk LGBT Series on Vimeo.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the audiobook eventually be appearing on YouTube?
A: No. Every rental or purchase helps us continue making Flunk. We want to produce lots more episodes and stories in the Flunk universe. Your support makes a huge difference!

Q: Will you be making more Flunk audiobooks?
A: It depends… tell us if you enjoyed this one! We have a huge story in mind for Heidi and Tabby. Just why is Heidi so secretive? Why does she have trust issues? And what will happen when Tabby discovers the truth about the missing money?

Q: When is this audiobook set?
A: It takes place directly after the Flunk season 2 finale. It’s like having a whole new season to watch.

Q: Is this book part of a larger series?
A: If you’re new to the show, watch the Complete Season 1 here: vimeo.com/ondemand/flunkseries

Flunk: Social Distancing
Written by R. P. G. Forster
Narrated by Jessica Li
Illustrations by Kelsie Adelaide (aka Dani!)