Listen to Flunk: Social Distancing Audiobook

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Find out how Ingrid, Dani, Brayden and Ruby cope with the pandemic in our new audiobook (more than twice as long as season 2!). It’s a new Flunk story, set between seasons 2 and 3. Narrated by Jessica Li (Ingrid).

Listen to Flunk: Social Distancing now on Vimeo

Story: Released from hospital following a suicide attempt, heartbroken sixteen-year-old Ingrid finds herself forced to self-isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic – but when she starts developing feelings for a mysterious friend, she must learn to take another chance on love – before it’s too late.

We’ve made this audiobook for our most passionate fans, as we’re unable to start shooting season 3 just yet due to the coronavirus restrictions in Melbourne. It’s an indepth look at the Flunkiverse like you’ve never seen before… How does Ingrid really feel about Dani? And Stella? And someone new….

Hope you all enjoy it, and a huge thanks for supporting the show.

Listen to Flunk: Social Distancing on Vimeo

Last modified: October 10, 2020