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Lin Yin as Freya

Smart, determined but vulnerable, Freya fell in love with Dani and has been trying to get her back ever...


Kelsie Adelaide as Dani

Nineteen-year-old student Dani is a bit of a tomboy. With short cropped hair and an androgynous style –...


Madelyn Sheahan as Heidi

Cunning, cynical and prone to flashes of anger it’s no surprise that Heidi has wound up with a criminal...


Georgia Crisfield-Smith as Tabby

Tabby is self-assured, bright and makes friends easily – be that at school, her horse riding club or...


Caylen Forbes as Brayden

Cocky and in-your-face, Brayden just doesn’t give a sh*t. Secure in the knowledge he’s going to...

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