Interview with Keira O’Connor as Kerri in Flunk


How did you get into acting? What led to you joining the cast of Flunk?

I started acting on stage as a child after I fell in love with musical theatre. It was only as a teenager, that I found screen acting and knew that’s what I wanted to do. I started a Certificate III in Acting for Screen with the Australian College of Dramatic Arts.

I found and auditioned for Flunk about a year ago, before landing the role of Kerri. When I found out I got the role, I was so excited but so nervous to join the cast. But, I’m happy to say that filming Flunk was one of the best and rewarding experiences that I’ve had as an actor.

What unique insights do you bring to your character?

I am so different but also so similar to Kerri. There are aspects to her that I can truly relate to and I think I subconsciously brought a little piece of myself into her. Kerri definitely has some flaws so I tried my best to see her from a sympathetic perspective and I believe that helped me get to know her as a person and become her. I see Kerri as a very complex character and I wanted to play her as such, so I hope that those intricacies with her come across in the show.

Have you ever experienced similar situations to your character in real life?

During one of the lunch breaks while shooting, I mentioned to Ric Forster (writer and showrunner) that I had ADHD. Funnily enough, he wanted to write a character with ADHD in the show so we both worked on bringing that idea to the character of Kerri. I am honoured that I had the opportunity to bring awareness to ADHD, especially amongst women. I wanted to be true to the disorder and include my personal journey with it, in the show. Most of Kerri’s experiences and symptoms were true stories about my life and were very easy to portray.

How would you have responded in your character’s situation?

I have to say that Kerri and I handle confrontation very differently. Without spoiling too much, if I was in Kerri’s situation at the cafe, I would definitely act in the complete opposite way, to the point where I would have probably asked nicely then given up. It was very hard to film that scene because of that. Maybe that confidence will become useful in real life and I can embody her when I need to get things done.

What’s a fun behind the scenes story you remember from filming Flunk?

My favourite scenes to shoot were with Harriette, playing my on-screen girlfriend, Beth. We had to develop chemistry for our characters very quickly and I think that helped develop our friendship off screen.

There was a particular scene in Lost & Found You, near the end, where my character is pouring her heart out and telling Beth about her ADHD, and because it was improvised, I was using my real experiences with ADHD and contextualising them to fit Kerri’s story. The next line from Beth was “I know how you feel, I have an iron deficiency”. I found this so funny on set and it was so hard to keep a straight face while shooting it!

Another fun story would be, when I drove the whole cast to a cafe nearby the shooting location on our lunch break. It was so nice just to chat and catch up with everyone. And, this was at the very end of filming so it was also a nice way of saying goodbye (for now).

What do you think the future holds for your character? What would you like to see happen to them, and why?

I hold a little place in my heart for Kerri so I really hope the best for her. I hope that her and Beth are still happy together. I think in the future their relationship will be as strong as ever. Beth is probably forcing Kerri to go out of her comfort zone, and go on fun dates, like ice skating or something. Kerri will say she hates it but secretly loves it. Beth is probably helping Kerri pass her classes by giving her private tutoring lessons. Kerri’s not great in school but I think she’d do really well in practical classes, like sport and home economics. I’m not sure if Kerri will want to graduate high school or go straight to working. But either way, I see her attending her high school graduation, just to watch Beth graduate. Seeing Beth achieve her goals and probably be Valadictorian, is all Kerri wants to see. After school, I think she’ll go on to do a trade, maybe becoming a carpenter or electrician.

What advise would you give to other actors starting out?

Get as much experience as possible and train! Apply to acting classes, and apply for student films to get experience on a set. Develop your craft as an actor and be comfortable with your skills. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reason. Unfortunately there’s a lot of rejection in this industry but if you’ve got the passion for acting, you’ll make it a long way.

Outside of acting, what are your other hobbies and activities?

Outside of acting, I love to bake… mainly just to eat it afterwards because I’ve got such a sweet tooth.

Whenever I get the chance, I love to go to the theatre to see musicals and plays! I am a massive theatre kid and always will be. I also love to go away on trips with my wonderful boyfriend whenever I get the chance.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

I’ve got my first overseas trip to America next year, and can’t wait! I’ve got lots of exciting acting work being released and I’m planning on making my directorial debut sometime this year.

How can the audience follow your career in the future?

You can see everything on my Instagram @_keiraoconnor_


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Last modified: July 4, 2024

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