Kelsie Adelaide as Dani


Nineteen-year-old student Dani is a bit of a tomboy. With short cropped hair and an androgynous style – she’s a bundle of energy. Growing up with Brayden for a brother has been a challenge. Smart, funny and opinionated, Dani loves nothing more than to wind her brother up. They’re constantly bickering – but this belies a deep love. When she steals his BMX, he’ll take her skateboard.

Coming out at fifteen (as a result of Brayden reading her diary to their parents), Dani’s extremely confident and forward in her sexuality. She’ll make provocative jokes – loving nothing more than to press people’s buttons. Dani’s intelligent and committed, but can be dogmatic – and is easily frustrated when people don’t see things the same way.

Still hung up on her previous relationship with Ingrid, Dani tries to bury herself in a new distraction – Freya.

Last modified: May 20, 2020

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